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Republic of Mozambique

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Country name: Republic of Mozambique

Government Type: Republic

Independence: June 25, 1975 (from Portugal)

Capital: Maputo

Main Towns: Pemba-Beira-Inhambane

Geographic Location: Mozambique lies in Southern African region, bordering Tanzania from north, Malawi from north west, both Zambia and Zimbabwe from west, Swaziland from south, Republic of South Africa from south-west and Atlantic Ocean from east.

Geographic Area: 801,590 km2.

Population: 21,284,701 (July 2007 est.)

Ethnic groups: Makhuwa-Tsonga-Lomwe-Sena.

Languages: Emakhuwa – Portuguese (official).

Historical glimpse: The negotiation between Portugal and the national front (Felimo)  in 1974 ended in granting Mozambique the independence in 1975 under the presidency of Samora Michael. The Today’s head of state is President Armando Guebuza, since (Feb. 2, 2005).

Economy: The economic activity depends greatly on agriculture. This sector comprises 90% of the population.

GDP: $ 17.82 billion (2007 est.)

GDP (real growth rate): 8.5% (2007 est.)

Agricultural Products: Cotton-sugarcane-tea-corn-potatoes.

Industries: Food chemicals (fertilizer, soap, paint) aluminum-textiles.

Currency : Metical

Reg. Org Membership: ACP-AU-OIC

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