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Egypt and Bahrain

Sunday، 23 October 2016 - 12:00 AM

Egyptian-Bahraini relations are distinguished by their stability and strengths, as Bahrain was one of the first countries who supported June 30 Revolution. The Bahraini King has been always keen on attending all Egyptian important events. He attended the inauguration ceremony of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Suez Canal opening ceremony, and participated in The Arab Summit that was headed by Egypt. On one hand, the Bahraini monarch visited Egypt  three times under the rule of El Sisi, and on the other hand, President El Sisi visited Bahrain in October 2015 and May 2017.

On the political level, Egypt and Bahrain have a unified vision towards the issues in the region. They encourage a Middle East free of mass destruction weapons and agree on applying unified standards on all countries with no exceptions. They also support the Palestinian legitimate struggle, ending occupation and establishing an independent state. Both Egypt and Bahrain seek to maintain Iraqi sovereignty, political independence and unity. The two countries also promote the exerted efforts to calm down the situation in Darfur region and urge the international community to support the Sudanese government to enhance its capacities to be able to face the situation in Darfur.

On the economic level, Egyptian-Bahraini trade exchange agreements go back to 1982. The Agreement to Facilitate and Develop Trade among Arab States was signed within the context of  the League of Arab States activities. The trade exchange volume with Bahrain reached $ 160.35mn in 2016. Food, cosmetics, furniture, cotton, Ceramics, iron, machines and materials are on the top of Egypt’s exports list to Bahrain. The top Bahraini exports to Egypt are oil, plastic products, Aluminum and its products, cleaning products and iron and steel.

The Bahraini investments in Egypt are ranked the 14th in the list of countries investing in Egypt.


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