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Egypt and Tunisia

Thursday، 21 December 2017 - 12:00 AM

The relations between Egypt and Tunisia are exceptionally strong, reflected in the compatible viewpoints  on the international and regional issues  and in the full coordination in between them in the international meetings.
The relations between the two countries has historical roots as  the Fatimid  capital moved from Mahdia in Tunisia to Cairo transferring the  Islamic monuments and Fatimid architecture to Egypt. Thus the moderate enlightened Islamic thought extended from the Zaytouna Mosque in Tunisia to Al-Azhar.

There are many common characteristics the two countries share. They were at the forefront of the Arab Spring countries as the Tunisian revolution was followed by the January 25th revolution in Egypt.

Egypt and Tunisia have witnessed the emergence of the Islamic powers on the scene, their access to power and their failure in administration. This led to a relapse and a desire to change and that was interpreted in convening  the  elections in Tunisia and the June 30 revolution in Egypt. The two countries face common challenges, foremost of which are the armed Takfiri terrorism and the movements of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The two countries have distinguished historical relations at all levels, especially on the economic and cultural fields.

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