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Azmy: Party membership on the rise

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Attendees at the 9th General Conference of the National Democratic Party voted today (Monday, November 5) for the budget of the party for next year.

Assistant Secretary General for Organization, Management, Membership and Financial Affairs Zakaria Azmy said that the budget of the 9th General Conference of the party came from party members’ financial contributions.

He said the NDP saw noticeable developments that could be seen in its new organizational structure, which meant to cope up with modern management techniques.

"We will continue to upgrade our party’s institutional structure," said Azmy.

He added that the NDP presented Egypt’s political life with a new model of management either on the level of the elections of the basic units that happened a month ago or the electoral campaigns.

He went on to say that the parliamentary elections of 2005 added more experiences to the National Democratic Party and its leaders.

Azmy added that senior leaders in the party followed the basic unit elections day by day underlining the fact that the elections gave equal opportunity to all the contenders.

"We also depended on new methods to address our party members with the aim of increasing political participation," said Azmy. "We opened the door wide to the participation of women and youth."

He added that the conflicts that happened during the basic unit elections would be debated by party members with the aim of analyzing why such incidents happened in the first place.

He said the increase in party membership was a top priority for the party at present.

He said the NDP prepared new application forms for new members. "The number of our members became 2.3 million," said Azmy.


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