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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

As the majority party, the NDP can play an important role as a ‎model to be followed in respect of choosing its leaders based on ‎qualifications and experience, personality and knowledge, integrity ‎and uprightness.‎

This is about the demands of our present; indeed about the need ‎for new leaders to exchange experience and contribute to ‎modernization policies; new leaders with a deep vision that ‎transcends the boundaries of the present moment, ensuring that ‎they will carry out their responsibilities to the full.‎

While realizing people’s dreams is the duty of the majority party, ‎the most sublime of all the goals to be achieved by any party is to ‎continue the search for new leadership with enough courage to ‎attain self-confidence and with enough daring to move towards ‎gaining people’s trust.‎

I speak of those leaders who seek to sharpen their intelligence with ‎greater knowledge and with the ability to properly handle ‎themselves in the face problems and crises, which constitute an ‎integral part of political life.‎

Speaking of change as a requirement of progress remains ‎unfounded unless electing the best leadership is at its very core.‎
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Morsi Attallah

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