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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

If I were asked what I wished the NDP would achieve in this its 9th annual congress, it would be to see the future based on a vision that would revive hope, now vanishing or relatively eroding under present pressures.

I wish to see constitutional legitimacy thriving, democracy and political reform entrenched, equality and transparency deepened and a political climate emerge free of all forms corruption and double-standards.

The majority of Egyptians wish to focus on meeting the challenges of the present. They would like to prove that their wager on the future was right; that a new culture is born which concentrates on futuristic sciences rather than on memories and the exchange of memoirs.

In its general congress this year, the NDP is called upon to revive hope in the future; indeed to highlight that tomorrow could be ours through hard work and new thought and not through wishful-thinking.

There is pressing need for reviewing the past and making a fresh start.

Morsi Attallah


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