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Local Administration

Sharqia Governorate

Tuesday، 19 April 2016 - 12:00 AM

Sharqia is one of Central and East Delta region governorates.  It is one of the largest agricultural governorates in Egypt, where total cultivated areas cover 852.39 thousand feddans. It is famous for growing cotton, wheat, rice, fava beans, sugar beets and barley.  The governorate also contributes with several large-scale industries including spinning and weaving, chemicals, building materials and wood.

The governorate is also renowned for breeding pure Arabian horses and is considered the most important horse market in Egypt, thus horses' festival are held in the governorate every year.  Most famous areas for breeding horses are: Salheyia, Anshas, Bani Gery, and Saoud Island.

Sharqia is also famous for hunting deer, by falcons, and ducks. The governorate has many monumental areas representing the pre-kingdoms dynasties till the modern age including: monuments in Blbes, Saft el-Henna, Tal Basta, Qanteer, Tal el-Daba'a , Tal Pharaoh , and al-Sawa.

Location: Sharqia is bordered in the North by Manzalla Lake, in the South by Qalyubiya, in the East by Ismailia, and in the West by Gharbia.

The Governorate's national day: 9th September commemorating the confrontation of Ahmed Orabi against the Khedive Tawfik in 1881.

Emblem: It is green signifying the vast areas of agricultural land with a white horse in the middle as the governorate is famous for breeding the pure Arabian horses.

Total area: 4911.00 Km2.

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