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Local Administration

Qaliubiya Governorate

Sunday، 22 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Qaliubiya is one of Greater Cairo region's governorates. It lies in the east of the Nile at the top point of the Delta. Shoubra el-Khaima city is the starting point of Lower Egypt agricultural highway; as such Qaliubiya is held the hub that links Lower Egypt with Upper Egypt.

Qaliubiya is famous for growing maize, cotton, wheat, citrus, banana, apricots, and all kinds of vegetables. It is also a major supplier of agricultural crops for Cairo.

The governorate as well is rich in many monumental and tourist sites including: Atreep in Banha markaz (conglomeration of villages), Tal el-Yahoodia markaz (conglomeration of villages) in Khanka, Abo el-Manga Barrages, Koum Ashfeen Church in Shebeen, Revolution Museum, and el-Kanatar el-Khairyia museum which is considered the most important tourist destinations where visitors from all over the country come to enjoy its natural sceneries, promenades, and parks stretching across 500 feddans.

Besides Qaliubiya hosts the largest industrial factories in Shoubra el-Khaima including: spinning and weaving, electric appliances, plastics, vehicles, oil refining, food packing and processing, metal products, glass, in addition to Abo Za'bal industrial zone which is famous for fertilizers and chemicals industries.

Potentials for investments in the governorate are diversified, most important of which are the following industries: weaving and spinning – metal – poultry – live-stock rearing projects – food products packing- plastics – cosmetics – pharmaceuticals- electric appliances – waste recycling – vehicles' smoke measurement centers- establishment of tourist city in al-Qanatr el-Khairya – projects for preservation of the environment – vehicles' service centers.

Location: Qaliubiya is situated in the East Nile Region at the head of the Delta. It is bordered in the South by Cairo and Giza governorates, in the North by Dakahleyia, and Gharbia, in the East by Sharkqia, and in the West by Menofia.

The Governorate's national day: 30th August commemorating the inauguration of el-Kanater el-Khayria in 1868.

Emblem: The cogwheel refers to the industry in the governorate, where the biggest industrial zone by far in the Republic exists. The two trees - branches refer to the agricultural land. The emblem displays the Barrages in the middle that control the Nile water level.

Total area: 1124.28 Km2.

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