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Local Administration

El-Beheira Governorate

Tuesday، 24 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

El-Beheira is considered one of Alexandria region's governorates that encompass Alexandria, Matrouh, and Beheira governorates.

Beheira is by far the largest governorate as to area of agricultural lands which are estimated at 1623.59 thousand feddans (including the Nubaria lands). It is famous for its diversified agricultural production, particularly onions, barely, beets, wheat, potatoes and fava beans.

The governorates comes first as to fruits and vegetables production, and export of citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, artichoke, watermelon, string beans and pepper.

The governorate also contributes to the industrial activity in spinning and weaving industry, Keliem and carpets, cotton ginning, chemicals and dying. In addition, the governorate has 4 industrial zones in Netron Valley, al-Bousili desert, New Nubaria and Edco.

Beheira is also distinguished with many tourist attraction sites constituting the foundation for tourism development in the governorate. Rosetta branch on the River Nile extends to meet the Mediterranean to the east at Alexandria city. The north coast of Beheira governorate is a natural extension to Alexandria coasts.

Rosetta city is also endowed with unique architectural and historical monuments especially Islamic architecture. Rosetta stone was discovered in the city whereby symbols of ancient Egyptian language were decoded.

Furthermore, one of the famous areas is Netroun Valley, which is famous for dry mild weather and the Coptic monuments such as Baramousy monastery, of Anba Macarius monastery, Anba Bishoy monastery and monastery of al-Surian. 

Beheira has many investment opportunities, most important of which are land reclamation as the government has arable lands. In addition, there are opportunities for agricultural processing of diverse agricultural products as well as tourism investment, which could depend on monuments from different dynasties, sea shores, lakes, religious sites and mild weather.

Location: El-Beheira governorate lies in the West of Delta region. It is bordered in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, in the East by Rosetta branch, In the West by Alexandria and Matrouh, and in the South by Giza and el-Menofia.

The Governorate's national day: 19th September commemorating the evacuation of Fraizer campaign in1807.

Emblem: The blue colour indicates the coast community, and the yellow colour indicates the desert community, while the spike of grain refers to the agricultural production. Rosetta stone refers to the tourist highlights, while the cog wheel refers to the industry in the governorate.

Total area: 9826.00 Km2.


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