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Local Administration

Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate

Sunday، 22 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Kafr el-Sheikh is one of Delta region's governorates that encompass (Gharbia, Menofia, Daqahlia, Kafr el-Sheikh, and Damietta). The name of the governorate is attributed to the Sufi Sheikh Talha Abi Said el-Telmesany descending from Moroccan origin, who settled in the governorate in the year 600 A.H.

Kafr el-Sheikh is an agricultural governorate, with total cultivated area of 550 thousand feddans and is famous for the production of rice, beets, wheat, and cotton.

The governorate contributes in many industries: dairy products, oil and soap, fodders, milling rice, cotton ginning and spinning, and beets sugar. Furthermore, there are several fish farms in the governorate.

In an effort to enhance investments in the governorate, the first industrial zone in Balteem established by the Premier decree and a second industrial zone along the international coastal road in Metobbas.

The governorate is endowed with diversified highlights including entertainment tourism in Balteem summer resort, el-Borolos Lake, and Desook Park, in addition to religious highlights including Mosques of Seedy Talha Abi Said el-Telmesany, Seedy Ibrahim el-Desooky, as well as the Virgin Mary Church.

Moreover, it includes historical places and monuments in Sakha Hills, Faraeen Hills, Koom el-Khobyz, in addition to the House of Saâd Zaghloul leader.

The governorate hosts natural protectorates by virtue of the Prime Minister's decree No.1444/1998 stipulating that el-Borulus Lake is a natural protectorate, an area located on the north east of Rosetta Branch and is bordered in the north by the international coastal road extending from Rafah till Saloum.

Location: Kafr el-Sheikh lies in the far North of the Republic. It is bordered in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, in the West by Rosetta branch that stretch by 85 km till its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea, in the East, by Dakahlia, and in the South by Gharbia.

The Governorate's national day: 4th November commemorating the Burullus battlefield that took place in 1956.

Emblem: It shows a Pharaonic canoe having two spikes of rice grain, which the governorate is famous for. The three chained rings signify the agricultural cooperative system.

Total area: 3466.69 Km2.

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