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Local Administration

Gharbia Governorate

Tuesday، 19 April 2016 - 12:00 AM

Gharbia is blessed with a location in the center of Delta region which made it privileged with a distinguished agricultural and industrial position among other governorates of the Republic.

The governorate is renowned for growing traditional crops such as cotton, rice, wheat, fava beans, maize and fruits, in addition to Jasmine, and medical herbs and plants whose extracts and pastes are exported to Europe.

The governorate is also famous for growing potatoes for exports and local market. It hosts as well the International Center for Potatoes in Kafr el-Zayaat.  Zeifta city is famous for linen and barley production. It produces 80% of Egypt's linen and barley production.

Gharbia is a lead governorate in livestock and poultry breeding. In the industry field, it hosts large industries including spinning and weaving, as well as dying in el-Mahala el-Kobbra, Tanta, and Zeifta. Also, Kafr el-Zayaat hosts industries of oils, soaps, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, and paper as well as fragrances in Kotour.

Gharbia also has several monuments that echo different dynasties including: middle Delta monuments in Tanata such as Ali Bek el-Kabeer Public Fountain, el-Sayyed el-Badawy Mosque, the Coptic's Grand Church in Tanta, Mary Gergis Church in Mahala el-Kobbra, Martyr Abanob Church in Samanoud, San el-Haggar monuments in Basioun, and Bahbeet el-Heggarra Temple in Samnoud and Samnoud Bath.

Location: Gharbia governorate lies in the middle of Delta region, between Damietta and Rosetta branches. In the North, it is bordered by Kafr el-Shiekh, in the South by Menofya, in the East by Dakahlia, and in the West by El-Beheira governorate to the West.

The Governorate's national day: 7th October commemorates the victory over the French campaign in 1798.

Emblem: It shows a cogwheel which symbolizes the governorate's industrial development and in its middle there are a Dome and a Minerat referring to Seedy Ahmed el-Badawy Mosque which is one of the religious features of the governorate.

Total area: 1942.34 Km2.

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