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Local Administration

Qena Governorate

Sunday، 22 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Qena is one of South Upper Egypt region's governorates that encompass Aswan, Suhag, Qena, the Red Sea, and Luxor.

Qena is an agricultural as well as an industrial governorate. It ranks first in production of sugar cane, tomatoes, bananas, sesame, and hibiscus. Total cultivated area comes to nearly 291.7 thousand feddans of which sugar cane makes up 64% and 60% of sugar production nationwide.

The governorate hosts 3 sugar factories, and one spinning and weaving factory, in addition to the Aluminum Complex which is one of the biggest industrial plants in the Middle East.

The governorate also hosts two industrial zones; the first is situated in Kalaheen at Qaft markaz (conglomeration of villages). Also, one of the most important projects is the non woven fabric factory, anti biotic factory as well as food projects and plastics industries. The second industrial zone is at Yahaw in Naggâ Hamady equipped with the needed infrastructure, where investors are welcomed to start up their projects.

Qena is also rich in many and diverse tourist attractions, including; Pharaonic monuments such as Denderah Temple which is situated on the West Bank of the Nile at 5 km from Qena city which has inscriptions and writings that dates back to Queen Cleopatra's era as well as Greek writings.

In addition to that, the governorate has Islamic shrines such as the mosques of Seedy Abdel Reheem el-Qenaé, and the Omari mosque in Qoos, as well as Coptic monasteries in Naqada markaz (conglomeration of villages).

Location: Qena is bordered by Sohag governorate in the North, by Luxor governorate in the South, by the Red Sea governorate in the East and by the New Valley governorate in the West.

The Governorate's national day: 3rd March commemorating the victory of Baroud village over the Napoleon invasion in 1801.

Emblem: It shows Denderah temple which indicates to the several monuments in the governorate, the cogwheel refers to the industry and the blue lines refer to the River Nile.

Total area: 10406.27 Km2.

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