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Local Administration

Beni Swaif Governorate

Tuesday، 24 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Beni Swaif is one of the governorates of North Upper Egypt region. It has a unique location in the center of Egypt.

Beni Swaif is also privileged with access to transport to and from the governorate; it has multiple roads namely: Cairo/Aswan agricultural road; Cairo/Assiut desert road to the east of the Nile; Assiut/Cairo west desert road; Beni Swaif/Koraimat/Zafrana road; Beni Swaif/Fayoum agricultural road in addition to rail roads.

The River Nile runs from the north to the south of the governorate covering 82 km. Add to this, the governorate is privileged with a mild weather all the year long.

Beni Swaif is an agricultural governorate where cultivated areas reached 289.90 thousand feddans. Most important crops produced in the governorate include: wheat, cotton, sugar cane, in addition to medical and aromatic plants. Also, arable agricultural lands come to 36388 thousand feddans.

Beni Swaif governorate is considered a museum of different dynasties which hosts a lot of Egypt's treasures. It includes the second oldest step pyramid "Meidum", and Ehnasia city which is Egypt's most important ancient city and was the capital at that time , it also includes monasteries of Saint Antonius, Anba Pula, Mary Gergis, as well as the tomb of Marwan Ibn Mohammed, the last ruler of the Umayyad Caliphate. Sinoor Cave is one of the treasures as well; it is a huge cave that lies in the heart of the mountain, 19 meters deep.

The governorate has diversified industrial activities (small-scale industries- medium industries and heavy industries). The governorate hosts 7 industrial zones for light and medium industries in diversified industrial fields (foodpaper- chemicals- textiles- engineering- metal- wood- building materials and services).

Most important industries in the governorate include: dehydration of vegetables and medical and aromatic plants to produce human and veterinary medicines- chemicals- garments- slaughterhouses- dairy products cotton ginning- paper- clay bricks- ceramics- marble and granite- cement.

Location: Beni Swaif governorate lies on the two sides of the River Nile. It is bordered in the North by 6th Octobar, in the South by Menia governorate, by Fayoum governorate in the West and in the East by the Red Sea governorate.

The Governorate's national day: 15th March commemorates the big demonstration, against the British occupation in 1919.

Emblem: It shows "Meidum" Pyramid which refers to the tourism, the spike of the grain which refers to the agriculture, the chimney which refers to the industry, and the Nile Bridge which links the East and the West of the governorate and signifies the establishment of the new urban communities in the East of the Nile.

Total area: 10954 Km2.

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