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Local Administration

New Valley Governorate

Tuesday، 17 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

New valley is by far one of the largest governorates in Egypt. The governorate enjoys by far the hugest phosphate reserves in Abo-Tartour region. Thus, an integrated industrial complex is to be established in the area for phosphoric acid production.

New Valley governorate embraces several tourist attractions, most important of which are: Hibis Temple that dates back to 550 BC, Bagwat Tombs which date back to the second and third century and have 263 structures in shape of domes embracing in the middle point one of Egypt's oldest churches - the Exodus Church. The governorate also enjoys all elements of curative tourism since it has hot and sulfuric springs, as well as a pollution-free dry climate.

Moreover, the governorate has a lot of diversified investment opportunities in the agricultural activities in Toshka, East Oweinat and Farafra. With regard to industrial investments, an industrial zone in al-kharga was established over 180 feddans as well as another zone in al-Dakhla over 70 feddans in addition to a zone for heavy industries in north Kharga.

Furthermore, there are investment opportunities in tourism field where tourism projects are underway. Add to this, there are diverse services opportunities: establishment of private hospitals, computer centers and automotive services centers.

Location: The New Valley governorate lies in the South West of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is beside Libya from the West and Sudan from the South. It is bordered in the North by Menia, 6th Octobar, and Matrouh governorates and in the East by Assiut, Souhag, Qena, Luxor and Aswan governorates.

The Governorate's national day: 3rd October commemorating the arrival of reconstruction troops to the area in 1954.

Emblem: A palm tree, which the governorate is famous for, appears behind a monumental gate. Date is the major crop of the governorate.

Total area: 440098.00 Km2.

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