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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

As Israel continues its assaults on the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip, the Arab and international efforts were exerted with the purpose of stopping these attacks, and look for a new truce thus opening the door before negotiations of the political settlement.

Several parties including the French diplomacy and European Union moved to stop the Israeli war on Gaza. An Arab delegation took to the UN Security Council and some Arab countries called for an emergency Arab summit.

Amidst such actions, calls, press conferences, statements and speeches, President Mubarak held intensive talks with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and declared the Egyptian initiative to stop assaults on Gaza. The initiative has called for immediate ceasefire and opening new passages for access of food and humanitarian assistances.

It also called for holding negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides to arrange for a truce thus opening the door before the resumption of political settlement negotiations. On other hand, the Egyptian initiative called on different Palestinian factions to come to Cairo and resume the Palestinian national dialogue.

However, the Egyptian initiative launched by President Mubarak was welcomed by all parties keen on putting an end to the Israeli war and reaching a comprehensive political settlement including the Palestinian Authority, European Union and Federal Russia.

For its part, Israel welcomed the Egyptian initiative and asked for more time for discussion, while Hamas issued no comment and asked for more time to study the initiative.

In my opinion, the Egyptian initiative represents a very important chance to stop the Israeli attacks on people of Gaza, lift siege, open crossings, unite the Palestinian rank and resume negotiations of political settlement.

By: Ibrahim Nafea
Al Ahram

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