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The Egyptian initiative is the only chance left for the solution

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

The Egyptian initiative to stop Israeli horrible massacres on Gaza which was put forward by President Mubarak last Tuesday came as a practical response to all propaganda, unjust and untrue criticism against Egypt and its efforts for the last days to stem the bloodletting of Palestinians and put an end to the Israeli aggression.

Egypt and its leaders could have chosen the path numerous countries took up, that is just concentrate on the issue of statements, denunciation and appealing to the sensations of people and to make outbidding.

This is an easy road which satisfies people and Arab mass media, but regrettably this achieves nothing.

Egypt turned deaf ear to such trivial and continued to adhere to its principles and values to surprise the world of an initiative to stop Israeli aggression.

Considering what is going on at the Security Council of procrastinations to stop the issuance of a resolution, Egypt has issued the initiative to stop the aggression as fast as possible especially as tentative reactions to the Egyptian initiative were encouraging and positive.

Even Israel approved the Egyptian initiative and sent envoys to Cairo to have talks on it and means to put it into effect.

Israeli approval to the Egyptian initiative was made as Israel believed that Hamas would not approve it. Tel-Aviv wanted to tell the world that it is ready for a solution

What is needed now not to give Israel the chance to convince world public opinion that it is responsive to peace efforts, while Hamas is the party which exerts obstacles before reaching a solution to put an end to the tragedy of the people of Gaza.

Hamas has to realize that, the time factor is important as every minute a martyr of the Gaza strip is falling and houses demolished.

That is why Hamas should have a clear stance concerning the Egyptian initiative, to enable Egypt to stop the Israeli inhuman aggression.

Al Ahram


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