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Qasr el-Qubba Palace (June 8, 2014)

Statement by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at ceremony marking his inauguration

Monday، 09 June 2014 - 12:00 AM

Mr. Counselor Adly Mansour the former president of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Brothers and sisters the sons of the great Egyptian people;

Allow me to extend all thanks and appreciation to the honorable counselor Adly Mansour for his great national action. Mr. Counsel, you have accomplished to the full the first two steps of the road map for the Egyptian people's future. For my part, I promise you and the Egyptian people that I will be keen on respecting the executive authority according to all articles mentioned in our constitution. I also promise you to achieve the third step of the road map in line with the set timetable.

Dear citizens,

I address you today after taking the constitutional oath as president of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I was sworn in to maintain the republican system that was established by the glorious July revolution to preserve justice and equality and to protect the dignity of the Egyptian citizen. I was also sworn in to respect the constitution and the law; our new constitution; the constitution of our civil State and its civil ruling; the constitution of hard work and strong will that encompasses all segments of our Egyptian society and regulates relations among the authorities; the constitution that protects rights and freedoms for all. I was sworn in also to take care to the full of the interests of the people; all the people as I am the president of all Egyptians, with no discrimination between one citizen and another, with no exclusion to anybody as every Egyptian has his national role to undertake. I was also sworn in to maintain the independence of the homeland and its unity and territorial integrity.

This nation has come under a real threat that would have harmed the unity of its people and its territorial integrity but our popular revolution on June 30 has restored January 25 revolution and rectified its course in a bid to protect the homeland and maintain its unity.

Brothers and sisters the sons of the great Egyptian people, I have no words to express my pleasure of you and my good faith in you. My real pleasure today emanates from the immense unity and solidarity among the Egyptian people that was based on your political awareness and democratic struggle. You have given to the whole world a model example to be followed in civilized behavior and undertaking responsibility. You have also proven your ability that did not stop at toppling failed or despotic regimes but also translating it by your minds and hands into a real democratic will that was manifested at ballot boxes for the second time in less than five months.

At this critical juncture of the history and fate of our nation, I found my feelings mixed between happiness because of your confidence, hope to be able to stand up to challenges and proving that this confidence was deserved and fear from Allah and hope in His mercy and help. I pray to Him in every prayer relying on Him to guide me to the right path and assist me in my duty to undertake it to the full.

The social contract between the State, represented in its president and institutions, and the people could not stand properly relying on one party alone. Rather, it should be undertaken through commitment by the two parties. We will depend on frankness and honesty as a method of applying our social contract. We will also share getting knowledge of the truth and we will also share efforts and hard work. This way, we will reap together the fruits of our cooperation embodied in political stability, security and diversified economic growth along with social justice and guaranteed rights and freedoms for all.

The honorable sons of Egypt, two glorious revolutions on January 25 and June 30 have paved the way for a beginning of a new performance in the history of the Egyptian State that seeks establishing power not oppression and seeks protecting peace not aggression; defending the State of law, justice and right and seeks uprooting terrorism and spreading instead security in all parts of the country at a time when it protects the rights and freedoms.

A new performance in the history of the Egyptian State that supports a giant economy and national projects by the State and the private sector along with direct investments at a time when it protects the rights of the poor and low-income brackets and develop the marginalized areas while maintaining and enhancing the system of values and moralities and guarantees freedom of thought and creativity for arts and literature and believes in and welcomes openness while maintaining the Egyptian identity and our cultural values.

The new Egypt will work for the future while interacting with the requirements of the present and benefiting from the experiences of the past.

Dear citizens,

I am not an advocate of ruminating the past with a view to arresting certain hard moments that will never return, but I believe in the necessity of drawing lessons from the past to prevent a recurrence of bad experiences. As you know, our homeland has passed through a hard time before June 30 with severe polarization that would have led to a civil war, manipulation of religion to cover up acts that contradict the true teachings of religion with only peoples and homelands emerging the big losers as you see, together with deteriorating economic conditions and accumulative local and foreign debts, big State budget deficit and spreading unemployment among the young people and stagnant tourism and severe shortage in the State resources of hard currency and a sapped foreign reserve and dearth of energy resources along with threats to our national security that harms one of the basic resources of the existence of the Egyptian nation and a social reality that is not less catastrophic than its political and economic counterparts.

It was not only a religious polarization between Muslims and Christians but also between the followers of the same religion, with Takfiri calls launched everywhere. The ruling regime at the time, instead of heeding these dangers that were besetting the homeland, was contributing to the plots that are aimed at sabotaging the unity of its people and its territorial integrity to achieve distorted visions and erroneous concepts that contradict the concept of a nation and its interests let alone conflicting with the true teachings of our religion.

The great Egyptian people;

You have come to know a man from the Armed Forces and the confidence and appreciation you have shown through entrusting him to undertake that post is mainly based on the stance of this great and patriotic military institution on your hopes and aspirations.

At the moment when I was honored with taking over the presidential post, this was the Armed Forces; the factory of men and symbol of discipline and commitment and the edifice of Egyptian patriotism throughout ages. We all believe that all the good is in the hands of Allah but also Allah has created the means and ways and Allah has willed that this patriotic institution play a basic role in the victory of the people's will in the January 25 and June 30 revolutions.

The Egyptian Armed Forces have sided with the will of the people and managed with patriotism and sincerity of its men to stand up to all plots that were hatched up to undermine the safety and stability of the homeland. If we consider closely our regional context, we will realize the meaning that the State's army be a patriotic and united and does not believe in anything but in the homeland steering away from any biased stances or orientations. The Egyptian army will remain from the people and for the people believing that its contribution is maintained at times of war and peace and the history will attest that our Armed Forces have undertaken a great patriotic role in maintaining this homeland safe and sound and keeping its people unified.

I have never been seeking a political post. I have started my career in the Armed Forces institution where I have learned the meaning of a nation and its value. I have shouldered responsibility and learned also the meaning that our lives are for this nation. I have learned also in this institution that a man must not escape from the battle field. I have consulted Allah and depended on Him and sided with the will of the people so I announced the statement of July 3rd that was outlined by national powers in cooperation with the people to start a new stage in the history of our nation. It is a battle that we enter with honor and dignity. We are not indebted to anybody and we do not wait for any reward from anybody, as religion applies to Allah and all good comes from Allah. We will build Egypt through the will of Allah to be a nation that is based on social justice and human dignity guaranteeing freedom and decent life. You should be aware that if Egypt has proven once again that it is hard to break, that was through the providence of Allah and the unity of its State including the people and institutions.

I am not telling a secret if I would tell that it was you who granted the Egyptian State and its government, through your support for the two revolutions and their goals, the required confidence, backing and empowerment so that our State could be independent in its decision and rejecting any foreign interference in its internal affairs.

Brothers and sisters;

I am fully aware of the heavy legacy of political scraping and economic deterioration let alone social injustice and absence of justice from which the Egyptian citizens suffered for long years. But it is not fair or realistic to promise the simple Egyptian citizen that we will get rid of this heavy legacy immediately after I take over my presidential post. But I pledge, with Allah as a witness, that I will never spare any effort for easing up the suffering of the Egyptians. I will never oppose any proposal in their favor and I will take all measures I could to start improving their living conditions. I will never hesitate one day to heal the wounds of any Egyptian or contribute to alleviating their pains or dispelling the fears of any Egyptian.

In the way of doing this, we will work together so that every Egyptian would enjoy prosperity and happiness under a new Egypt that enjoys stability and prosperity.

The sons of Egypt;

I am looking forward to a new era that is based on reconciliation and tolerance for the sake of the homeland; reconciliation with the past and reconciliation with those who differ for the homeland and not over the homeland; reconciliation among all sons of the homeland except those who committed crimes against it or adopted violence as a method.

I am looking forward that all the sons of the homeland, who see Egypt as their homeland, would square up for building together a future where no Egyptian is excluded and where freedom, national dignity, social justice and decent life prevail. But those who shed the blood of innocent people and killed sincere sons of Egypt have no place in this march. I say it loud and clear that there will be no leniency or reconciliation with those who resorted to violence or would try block our march towards the future that we seek for our sons. No leniency or reconciliation with those who seek a State without prestige.

I promise you that the near future will see restoring the prestige of the Egyptian State with all of us – me and you – exerting all efforts to achieve the hopes and aspirations.

Achieving comprehensive development in all its forms and various aspects requires a propitious security context that would gain the confidence of capital and attract tourism and investments and guarantee a favorable atmosphere for industrial projects. Therefore uprooting terrorism and establishing security is one of the main priorities in the coming phase. This is why we will work to upgrade the police apparatus and enhance its potentials for establishing security and law and order and restoring security with a view to providing peace of mind for the Egyptian citizen.

We are in need to upgrade the security system and skills of its staffers to restore security and stability to the Egyptian street and establishing a sound relation between the security agencies and the people and be governed by the principles of law and maintaining dignity and respecting freedoms. This should go side by side with an intensive interest in the vocational and humanitarian aspects of the valiant policemen and their families in a way that is commensurate with the sacrifices they offered and will offer for the safety of this nation and the security of its citizens.

The coming phase also requires a patriotic role by the honest nationalist businessmen with the State working to provide for them the suitable atmosphere for doing business and increasing their investments. We are embarking on a phase of industrial and agricultural development. These two sectors are the two wings of economic development especially in our country where several good opportunities are available for success in both sectors without one contradicting the other, but rather they complete each other.

The development of each sector will be reflected on the other. We are required to upgrade the industrial sector which is the nerve of the Egyptian economy. It is also the channel to create more jobs for young people particularly through encouraging setting up heavy-labor industries.

We will work for amending the legislative system to encourage industry and ease up measures for investors to obtain lands and permits for setting up industrial projects. We did not disregard investment in the mineral wealth and mines in Egypt. We will work gradually for stopping exporting raw materials that could be treated and industrialized to increase their added value and attain suitable revenue together with recycling waste and using it in generating bio-energy.

We will work in two major directions; the first of which is launching mega national projects such as the project of developing the Suez Canal zone and setting up the Dabaa nuclear power plant along with aggrandizing the benefits of solar energy for producing huge amounts of power.

The second direction will relate to setting up small and medium sized projects that would lead to a horizontal spreading in key areas with a view to providing simple and locally-made components required in the various phases of industrialization in an effort to save hard currency and develop at the same time marginalized and the poorest areas.

As for agricultural development, it will have the lion's share of development efforts in the coming phase through working on several pivots the most important of which is the development corridor project that will provide much arable land and will help rezoning Egyptian provincial governorates along with creating a desert agricultural hinterland for each governorate. The development plan will also help create a new system in agriculture that will increase the productivity of each feddan and create more jobs together with adopting new scientific irrigation and water recycling methods.

I plan that while we are upgrading this sector we work for improving the living conditions of the Egyptian farmer and seeking to settle his problems atop of which comes providing fertilizers and reconsidering some debts of small farmers with the Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit that should be developed in a comprehensive way to contribute to the coming phase of development and to be supportive to the Egyptian farmer.

I also plan to have the upgrading of the industrial and agricultural sectors as one of the basic pivots of my vision for attaining a comprehensive development in Egypt that will include all fields with the health-care sector in the heart of it.

Part of public expenditure will be allocated for the health sector and these allocations will increase gradually. A new fair structure of wages will be set up and new medical facilities will be added with focus on providing health-care to the elderly and people of special needs. This will be undertaken side by side with upgrading all aspects of the education sector including the student, teacher, curriculums and buildings and its requirements of laboratories, libraries, theaters and playgrounds.

The process of upgrading the education sector should include also enhancing vocational education and associating it with the labor market needs. The municipalities sector will have also its own share of development where new governorates will be established and others will be expanded along with linking others with their new borders by a network of internal roads along with setting up a new international roads network. Several new airports and free zones will be set up along with establishing several new tourist cities and centers.

Brothers and sisters;

I would like on this score to point out that economic development will not bear fruit or attain comprehensive progress of the nation without going side by side with social development. We should work together so that the fruits of our economic development reach all the sons of Egypt atop of whom come the simple people and the most needy.

We should work to achieve a real progress in the services extended by the State to the public. But the State will not be able to do this actually unless our work and production would increase. Economic and social development should go side by side with cultural development that could be attained through the contribution of men of culture and creativity along with media people and artists of Egypt. They have a major role to play through addressing the minds and souls of people in an effort to rectify the erroneous thought and elevate their ethical sense and encourage them to work hard. They would also contribute to putting right the common sense of the Egyptian people that restores to the Egyptian arts and literature their brightness and help document for this era of the history of our nation.

In as much as I felt satisfied with the artistic contribution to awakening the national feelings of Egyptians and encouraging them to participate in political life, I regretted that there is no an great national work of art that documents for two glorious revolutions that would be considered an artistic icon displayed in every part of the world to immortalize the memory of our martyrs in line with several other major works of art that have an international nature.

As for renewing the religious discourse, its importance lies in boosting the aspect of moral values that includes also maintaining the real moderate image of our Islamic religion and molding minds and consciences of Muslims so that they would be preachers of this religion in the world. If the enlightened Imam Mohamed Abdu had said after a European tour " I have seen in Europe Islam without Muslims and I have seen in our country Muslims without Islam", although the moralistic state of affairs at that time was much better than that of today, then what could we say about what is taking place in our societies these days. Mistaken he who would confine the role of religion in life to that of rites and rituals barring daily treatment with people given the fact that the core of religion is practical treatment with people as our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that "he whose prayers would not prevent him from doing wrong, then his prayers are useless".

Then where is the impact of our religious rituals on our daily treatments? Work is some sort of worship. Also worship includes respecting the elderly and being merciful to the younger, being committed to civilized behavior on the Egyptian street and being honest regarding rights and responsibilities. Is this Egypt which we would like to see? Is it Egypt that we launched two revolutions for the future of its people?

I fervently urge every Egyptian family, every school, every mosque and every church to work for entrenching good morals and noble values and high principles in the minds and hearts of young people. Make this method the base of upbringing the children and upgrading their souls as nations are based on morals and if morals have been undermined then everything is lost.

We can not speak about renewing the religious discourse without mentioning the role of Al-Azhar in this respect given the fact that the 1,000-year-old Al-Azhar is the beacon of religious knowledge that spread Islam and disseminated its true teachings in all Islamic countries including the non-Arab nations in Asia and Africa.

We are in need of deriving knowledge from eligible and qualified people not from any intruder who would like just to obtain power under the cloak of religion. I tell you all that Egypt is rich with scholars and preachers.

I am looking forward that Al-Azhar would maintain its role in renewing and rectifying the religious discourse and resume efforts for spreading the real moderate and tolerant image of Islam after it has been distorted.

We can not on this score disregard the role of the great Egyptian Church that has undertaken an active role in conveying the real image of the one national fabric of Egypt in the face of those who wanted to cause seditions and divisions among the sons of the same nation. This is why the national role that has been undertaken by Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Church siding with the will of the Egyptian people should be associated with positive participation and activating the role of these two institutions in building the homeland and achieving its progress.

Implementing this comprehensive development vision with all its economic, social and cultural aspects requires a basic role by the Egyptian State institutions as they are the nerve of its will and its thinking mind and arm that implement it. We should work together through full coordination and organized thought and future planning that is not linked with persons but operates in line with awareness of the meaning and the concept.

Institutions, in the State of institutions that moves from one era to another, develop themselves periodically. They are aware of the requirements of the present and the future. These institutions should be aware of their role for which they were established so that each institution would commit itself to its national role and would not manipulate it.

I will not allow creating a parallel leadership that competes with the State in its prestige and powers including all that I mean of destructive influence on both sides as Egypt has only one leadership.

I urge all officials in the Egyptian State institutions to upgrade and reform their institutions. Let fighting corruption be their motto and our motto in the coming period. I confirm that fighting corruption in all its forms will be comprehensive. I would not say that there will be no leniency with the corrupt; but rather there will be no mercy with anybody who is proved involved in any case of corruption whatsoever this case is.

Our coming phase requires sincere efforts that keep in mind preserving public funds and fearing Allah while dealing with this nation and this people.

Dear citizens;

Talk about upgrading and reform leads me also to talk about rectifying and revising concepts atop of which comes the concept of citizenship. This is the principle guiding our life in this nation. No difference between one citizen and another in rights and duties under any reason including their political beliefs as long as they are within a peaceful framework.

Applying the principle of citizenship in its true meaning will achieve justice and equality among the sons of this nation. Only excellence and efficiency will be the governing criteria for obtaining opportunities to give everybody their due in serving this nation if we wanted to build a stable country where justice prevails and where its sons grow up nurturing the value of knowledge and hard work along with loyalty and belonging, to establish a democracy that does not only stop at freedom of practicing political rights and civil freedoms but also includes fair opportunities and removing injustice and observing fairness in distributing incomes and does not also stop at the outcome of ballot boxes.

Within the framework of rectifying concepts, I would like to touch on the concept of freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is associated with commitment and remains guaranteed for everybody but it stops at the limits of the freedoms of others. It has its regulating framework and what it contains of laws and religious and ethical principles that involve criticism but in an objective way without insults or vulgarity. Barring this, it is something else not freedom but chaos and a fake practice of justice aimed to attain ulterior evil goals.

Brothers and sisters;

Your role in the coming stage of building is not less important than that of the State institutions. We are all required to hold high the value of altruism and self-effacing. No voice could be higher than the voice of the higher interest of the nation. We should pool our efforts together. The Egyptian woman is urged more than any other time to contribute, as it is common with her, to the coming stage of building even if she was not a working woman. For those who downplay the role of the working woman, I tell them you are not aware of the wisdom of the Creator or of the role of women in our life. She is the reason of the existence of the society and it is behind its continuation. The Egyptian woman has proven her political awareness and her basic role in the society and was inspired by her active participation in the 1919 revolution, so she participated in the two great revolutions and then took part massively in the referendum on the constitution and then in the presidential elections.

All appreciation and admiration are to the role of women. I have full confidence that she will maintain her contribution and preserve her role as a mother, sister, wife and daughter. She will continue her efforts in the coming phase of building. I promise her that, out of my appreciation for her active role in the society and her remarkable stance regarding the recent national moves, I will exert all efforts so that she gets a fair representation in the coming parliament and in the various executive posts.

For Egypt's young men and women; the hope of the future, the holders of the torches of knowledge and enlightenment, I tell them: this nation is for you and by you, you are who will reconstruct and build it. It will only stand up on its feet in all fields of life through your active contribution. Your role is appreciated and commended but it is not yet complete. You are who ignited the spark of the revolution and completed its march in cooperation with all segments of the people. But the homeland is still badly in need of your sincere work and your spirit which is full of hope and life; the spirit of continuation and renewal. You are approaching a phase of building and empowerment; so you should contribute through the legitimate channels to enriching the political, economic and social life of your nation.

From my position here, I say you the young people of Egypt; you are the hope and the future; you are who will build the new Egypt with your hands and minds; the new Egypt with its new constitution and what it contains of rights, duties, freedoms and responsibilities. For my part, I will work, through your cooperation, to achieve a better future for you and your sons. I will be a president of Egypt and of all Egyptians; young and elderly people, men and women.

As for the simple people of this nation, I tell them you have suffered a lot over several decades and instead of achieving your dreams for a decent life, your suffering have been doubled over the past years and your dreams have been dashed by several obstacles that prevented their realization.

I promise you that I will exert all what I can and spare no effort, I will work relentlessly for long hours for you and I am sure that you will work like me and more. Also, I promise you and all Egyptians that we will reap the fruits during this term of presidency and that the State and its institutions will be keen on attaining higher rates of unprecedented achievements as long as you are supporting it with your minds and hands. Actually, with the will of Allah, I promise the simple people and low-income brackets of the Egyptian people to provide for them a better life over the coming four years.

The sons of the honorable Egyptian people, with the providence of Allah, and through serious cooperation and goodwill, we have managed to achieve the first two steps of the future road map. We will work with the same patriotic spirit to complete and achieve the third step of the road map which is the parliamentary election. Be sure that your vote is a responsibility and that several things will depend on your choice of the people's representatives. We are badly in need of a new house of representatives that effectively contribute to transferring the texts of the new constitution into mandatory laws translating rights and freedoms mentioned in the constitution into a tangible reality in word and action. The parliament will be different in its powers in accordance with the new constitution. This is why your vote will be a testimony so do not withhold it and give it to those who deserve. Be careful and choose properly who will represent you and take care of your interests and convey your voice honestly. Choose those who are fair and honest actually and those who will support you and work for achieving your hopes and preserving your homeland.

Sons of Egypt;

The benefits of a homeland as much as being a blessing to its people require exerting doubled efforts for maintaining, increasing and defending thm. Egypt the cradle of civilization has been endowed by Allah with great bounties and immense advantages. This is why its geographical location became a moving history and its history became a static geography. The pharaonic Egypt by virtue of birth and civilization, the Arab Egypt by virtue of language and culture, the African Egypt by virtue of roots and existence and the Mediterranean Egypt by virtue of nature and spirit is a unique mixture that rarely occurs twice in the four corners of the globe. This state of affairs requires us all to work to be up to the level of responsibility to preserve the major role of the homeland in all circles of the Egyptian foreign policy that will never be realized except through hard work and building at the internal level.

Egypt at the internal level possesses potentials and determiners that will actually steer our foreign policy and will determine our position at the international level. The more our internal front is strong and united, the more our economy will be strong, the more our decision will be independent, the more our voice will be heard and our will be free. The Arab Egypt should restore its traditional position as an elder sister that is fully aware that the Arab national security is a red line and the security of the Gulf region is part and parcel of the Egyptian national security.

We are in need of comprehensive revisions of all mechanisms of the joint Arab action. We would not hold meetings and talks but rather we should take decisions that guarantee attaining our Arab security that is threatened in several of its circles.

The Palestinian cause will remain the Arabs' first issue and one of the political files of the Egyptian foreign policy. Egypt gives the interests of the Arab peoples more interest than the trivialities of a narrow group. Egypt, which undertook defending the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people will maintain its march for supporting the Palestinian people until they obtain their legitimate rights and realize their and our dream; which is setting up the Palestinian State on the borders of June 4, 1967 that should be an independent and fully sovereign state with Al-Quds as its capital.

As for the African Egypt; the leader of liberation and independence movements in the black continent, I tell those who seek to separate it from its African context, you will never separate the soul from the body. Egypt is African by virtue of existence and life. I tell the great  Egyptian people, whose civilization has been held on the banks of the eternal Nile River, I will never allow the issue of the Renaissance Dam to be a source of creating a crisis or a problem or be an obstacle for enhancing Egypt's relations with Africa in general or with sisterly Ethiopia in particular. If the dam constitutes its right to development, the Nile represented our right to life.

The Nile, which has remained the symbol of life for the Egyptians for thousands of years together with being a lifeline for the Egyptians, should remain an oasis for development and cooperation among the member states of its Basin. Egyptian-African relations have seen historical progress starting with Egyptian support for liberation and independence movements, passing through supporting our African brothers through technical cooperation with the sons of the African continent in several domains. So, these relations should be enhanced to achieve partnership for development in the industrial, agricultural and commercial domains given the fact that Egypt is the gateway of the world to Africa and the window of Africa on the world.

As for our coming international relations, they will be democratic, balanced and diversified with no party being an alternative to another. Egypt could now see all parts of the world. The new Egypt will be open to everybody and will not confine itself to a certain direction and will not stop at certain orientation.

We are looking forward to activating and promoting our relations with every party who supported or will support the will of the Egyptian people. We promise them cooperation in all fields. This cooperation will not stop at taking pride of it at the official levels but will be extended to be established in the conscience of our peoples and be associated in their minds with giant national projects and base for receiving heavy industries.

Egypt with all its potentials should be open in its international relations. The age of tutelage in these relations is now over. These relations as of now will be determined according to how far our friends are willing to cooperate and help attain the interests of the Egyptian people. Egypt is the point of balance and stability in the Middle East and a passage way of the world's international trade. Egypt is the center of religious enlightenment in the Islamic world, with its Al-Azhar Al-Sherif and its honorable scholars, adopting the method of parity, commitment and mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs as basic principles for its foreign policy in the coming phase.

Finally, as you know, Egypt has chosen with its free will and out of strong position and victory to be a State of peace. I renew on this occasion our commitment to our international pledges and our old and new agreements and that any would-be amendments if the need arises will be made in consultation and consensus by the signatory parties and in a way that attains joint interests.

Dear citizens;

I salute the souls of our martyrs; the martyrs of our two revolutions and the martyrs of the Armed Forces and the police. I appreciate their sacrifices for the sake of the nation and I am fully aware of the magnitude of the suffering and psychological pain of their families. Their souls that are now happy in paradise will remain asking us to love this country and extend sacrifices for it and work together to carve out its future.

I tell their clean souls that you have defended with us not only Egypt but also the whole region at large. You have defended not only our identity but also our true Islamic religion with its moderate nature. So we should appreciate the sacrifices of our martyrs and take care of our nation. We should unify our ranks and word and should not be divided and enough for our country shouldering problems that if we could not address and handle immediately, heavy consequences will take place.

I tell you all help me strongly to build our nation of which we dream and live in it protected by the umbrella of right, justice and decent life and where we can breathe the winds of freedom and commitment and feel in it equality and fair opportunities as a reality and life style. Be sure that the ship of the nation is one if it is rescued then we are all rescued.

The sons of Egypt;

I am full of optimism over this nation. But Allah, who commanded us to be optimistic, ordered us to work hard and adopt scientific methods and urged us to be united and just rely on Him but not depend on Him without exerting any effort. Glory could not be built on the basis of ignorance, and the methods of accusing others of disloyalty will only lead to failure. I urge you all to prove to everybody who sought to divide us or break our will that he was mistaken in his understanding and reading of history. We are the pulse of one heart and our unity could never be changed.

I pray to Allah the Almighty to guide us to all the good for our country and I appeal to Him to maintain His mercy and love for us and to keep Egypt and its people safe, stable and secure as it has always been as He said in His Holy Quran: "With the will of Allah you enter Egypt safely". Long live Egypt safe and stable. Long live Egypt dignified and honored. Long live Egypt with the providence and care of Allah.

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