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State Lawsuits Authority

Monday، 08 February 2016 - 12:00 AM

The State Lawsuits Authority is an Egyptian judicial institution that resembles, in respect of competencies, the Attorney General in common law disciplines and particularly the United States Solicitor General.

The State Lawsuits Authority had been established in 1875 prior to the establishment of the Egyptian national courts in 1883.

The Authority represents the interests of the state in a variety of areas before national and international courts and arbitral tribunals. Under the applicable law, the Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority is granted the power to proceed to plead on behalf of the state even if the state itself does not like to do so and vice versa.

Organizationally, the State Lawsuits Authority is divided into several departments, each of which is competent to represent the state before a specified kind of courts with respect to jurisdiction. All the departments are headed by their respective vice presidents, however, the president of the Authority shall preside the Department of Foreign Disputes.

In general, the main mission of the State Lawsuits Authority is to defend the public funds and interests of the Egyptian people.

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