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Statement by President El Sisi to the nation, the whole world after killing of 21 Egyptians by Daesh terrorist group in Libya

Sunday، 15 February 2015 - 12:00 AM

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Egyptian people and to express on behalf of all Egyptians deep sorrow and regret to the families of our martyred sons, who fell victim to the treacherous terrorism; as the agony of the families of the victims is the agony of all Egypt.

In these difficult times, we all in Egypt feel sad, angry and hurt. This despicable terrorism that targeted sons of Egypt is only a new episode of the series of terrorism that is spreading in the world at large. This situation requires us all to square up with a view to uprooting it and protect the world from the spread of its venoms.

Egypt and the whole world are in a fierce battle with terrorist groups who are adopting the same extremist and terrorist ideology and who are sharing the same goals that are not hidden to everybody. It is high time that all of us deal with these groups without any selectivity or adopting a double-standard method.

These cowardly acts will never sap our determination. Egypt has defeated terrorism before and is capable, through the will of its great people, to uproot and exterminate it now. Egypt is not only defending itself but rather defending the whole humanity against that danger that is besetting the world.

Egypt is maintaining the right to respond to these acts in the time and manner it deems appropriate to take revenge on those killers and criminals who are deprived of the simplest values of humanity. I have called for an immediate meeting of the National Defense Council that will remain in an open-ended meeting, for following up the developments of the situation and discussing decisions and measures that should be taken.

I have also issued directives to the government to support the families of the martyrs of terrorism and take all the necessary measures to ease up their suffering. I have issued directives to the government to continue applying in a strict way a decision banning Egyptians to travel to Libya under these deteriorating conditions there to protect their lives. I have also urged all state departments concerned to take all required measures to facilitate the repatriation of all Egyptians in Libya who would like to return home.

I have issued directives to the foreign minister to immediately leave for New York to undertake urgent contacts with senior United Nations officials and members of the UN Security Council and to take part in the international summit on terrorism in an attempt to have the international community shoulder its responsibility and take all necessary measures in line with the United Nations Charter given the fact that what is taking place in Libya jeopardizes international peace and security.

May Allah keep Egypt and its sons safe and sound.

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