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WEF & Arab Common Market

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

The WEF session held in the Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Sharm al-Sheikh has embraced the entire spectrum of economic, political, cultural, and social together with youth inclinations, whether promoting a monotheistic global order or encouraging improvements of world conditions and narrowing the gap existing between the rich north and the poor south.

Our differences aside, we cannot but admire WEF founder and President Klaus Schwab for using his political and economic weight to turn the Forum into an entity with a universal language, indeed a pro-active institution welcomed to host its sessions anywhere across the globe.

Today, however, our discussion focuses on presenting the WEF model to the Arab world, its leaders and peoples alike, in the hope that they might reconsider their conditions. Collectively, Arabs possess all elements of power including human and natural resources, either above or beneath land surface.

The message we seek to drive home here concerns the long-coveted Arab common market. Many have been the conferences and discussions held on this topic. But, does the convening of the WEF not inspire us? Indeed does it not motivate us to set up the mechanisms likely to create it? We stand presently facing a new world, the objectives of which are clear to all. What we see on the surface, however, does not project to us what the future holds. The new global order apparently endorses international legitimacy. But in reality it is a world of double standards.

Now how do Arabs see their future? Will they succumb to hegemony? Or will they resist using all the wealth God has bestowed upon them in order to compete rather than waste their resources on consumer goods? The questions are many. What we need however is not to theorize about them but to reach practical solutions and then to launch daring initiatives. Let us begin by reviving a simulator of an Arab common market.

by: Ali Aiad
Al Ahram 30/ 5 /2006

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