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Belgian media highlights inauguration of New Suez Canal

Friday، 07 August 2015 - 12:00 AM

Belgian newspapers highlighted on Friday 07/08/2015 Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's inauguration of the New Suez Canal.

On its front page, La Libre Belgique paper published President Sisi's photo with a child in a military uniform under the headline "Suez Canal, Interface of Sisi's Egypt".

The paper's correspondent in Egypt said the achievement is considered a Pharaonic project of which Egyptians are so proud.

He also highlighted the presence of world heads of state and government at the inaugural ceremony and said that this mega project was like Sisi's tool to boost the morale of Egyptians.

The Belgian De Morgen newspaper also wrote about the new canal, describing it as Egypt's gift to the world. The paper noted that the New Suez Canal was completed in one year, although the original Suez Canal project was implemented in 10 years.

It quoted Belgian prime minister as saying that the project represents an achievement for the two Belgian companies that participated in the project.

Under the headline "the Egyptian Miracle", De Standaard paper published an article on the inaugural event.

Under "As usual … Business is in Egypt", Gerald Papy, the Editor-in-Chief of Le Vif l'Express, wrote the editorial which included that President Sisi managed in a record time to finalize the project.

Papy raised three main points about the New Suez Canal, affirming that President Sisi raised the morale of Egyptians, opened new horizons and kicked off a new stage of economic development.


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