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Project Themes

Tuesday، 01 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

Development project in Port Said “Sharq el-Tafreea” is divided into several areas:

• Implementation of giant sea port in the region.
• Establishment of an industrial zone and other logistic ones.
• Establishment of residential area.
• Lakes for fish farms in addition to tunnels area south of Port Said.

First: East Port Said Sharq el-Tafreea’ Development Project:

East Port Said Port is one of the ports affiliate to the General Authority for Port Said Ports, located east to Suez Canal, considered essential as a global trade hub between Europe and east of the Mediterranean.

The East Port Said Port is considered one of the major national projects set up by Egypt and opened in October 2004 to serve the global trade and transit trade that crosses the Suez Canal.

The port is located at the site of a unique eastern northern entrance to the East Suez Canal  Sharq el-Tafreea’ and in the meeting place of three continents and on the main road of East and West meeting point , bordered to the north by the  Mediterranean sea , and to the south by the  industrial zone, to the east by  the navigation lake and to the west by  east Port Said.
Development of the port.

The development of East Port Said Port into 3 main elements:

1. Deepening and dredging side channel "channel of approach" – already existing - up to the Mediterranean Sea 9.5 kilometers long and 250 meters wide and a depth of 18.5 meters within the port itself, so as to facilitate the entry of commercial vessels directly to the port through this channel without being bound to cross through the navigational path of the Suez Canal and disrupt the passing ships.

The "dredgers alliance" that participated in the drill of the new Suez Canal," is deepening and dredging the side canal.

2. Setting up quays on both sides in the port, including the course of navigation in the middle, and quays to the west and others in the Middle, with a total of 10 kilometers, the first phase of which is a total of 5 kilometers.

Western quay is 2 km of length, and 450 meters of width, and the eastern quay is 3 km of length , 500 meters of width and in-between there is  waterway 3 km of length and 550 meters of width and a depth of 18.5 meters.

3. Setting up a "turning circle" in the middle of the harbor between the two quays and along the waterway. Its diameter is 950 meters and used in entry and exit of vessels on the quays.

Second: The establishment of a major industrial area

- This  new industrial area is considered as a major industrial and logistic axis of  the port and the city of Port Said, and it is founded on an area of 40 million m2 and aims at providing 400 thousand job  opportunities as well as developing infrastructure for the region.

- The industrial zone is divided into 10 main areas of each region an area of 4 million m2 each region will be specialized in one industry.

- It was agreed through feasibility studies undertaken on the harbor that industrial area should include four key industries, namely:

1 - Motor vehicles and parts.

2 - Engineering industries : equipment , concrete and asphalt and  all kinds of machinery.

3 - Household appliances and equipment.

4 - Packaging Industries.

- It was agreed with an Egyptian "industrial developer” to take over  the entire marketing process of the new industrial area.

- Work to make a model for the factory and administrative facilities and a hotel for the residence of investors and owners of factories that will be established in the industrial zone.

Third: The logistic zone

- Establishment of an advanced logistic zone on an area of 30 million m2 including administrative and service facilities necessary stores for both quays and industrial zone.

- The logistic zone includes internal logistical storage areas, iron and steel industries and complementary industries that serve the port as well as the marine industry.

Fourth: The new residential zone

Establishment of a new residential zone on an area of 4 million m2 with a total of about 10 thousand housing units as a  first phase,  to accommodate about 50 thousand citizens.  Completing the second phase , the number of citizens will hit 190 thousand citizens.

Fifth: Fish farms zone

The establishment of fish farms zone on an area of 80 million m2 in the east of the port and the west of  Baloza area producing 55 thousand tons of fish daily. It contains  basins and fish cages applying the latest methods in fish farming, in addition to a factory for packaging, and cooling.

Sixth: New tunnels serving the port and its projects

Digging a set of strategic tunnel under the Suez Canal at South Port Said at kilo 19 .it consists of  two tunnels one for cars 4 km of length, and 11.5 m of  width and a railway tunnel 7 km of length, and 11.5 m. of width

Armed Forces Engineering Authority has contracted to buy a giant drilling machine working on the completion of these tunnels on time.

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