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Ismailia and Qantara area Axis

Tuesday، 01 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

- It is one of the “Suez Canal Axis" development projects and is carried out in parallel with "the development of East Port Said  project.

-It includes the establishment of the new city of Ismailia (recently underway) containing 58 thousand housing units  on an area of 5.8 thousand acres with full facilities, services and administrative bodies. It is the first Egyptian city looking after people with special needs, along with the establishment of an industrial zone in west of Qantara, and technological one east of New Ismailia.

- Development of «Ismailia - Awja,»  road at a length of 210 km, and the construction of the tunnels north of the Ismailia at km 73 according to the Canal to set  a traffic axis starting from  Cairo to Sinai seaport.
- Construction of  a culvert under the Suez Canal in Sarabium area to provide areas in the east of the Canal with irrigation water to  achieve agricultural development and land reclamation.

- Construction of  another culvert to cross the "el-Mahsama bank" to let in the water  that was used to be  wasted in al-Temsah Lake  in large quantities up to 1.25 million m 3 / day.

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