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Farouq Gowaida

Thursday، 10 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

Farouq Gowaida is an Egyptian poet, born in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate on February 10, 1946. In 1968, graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Press Department.
He started as an editor in the economic department of Al-Ahram Newspaper, and then the editor-in-chief of the same newspaper, now he is the chairman of the cultural department.
He has various kinds of poetry, starting from the vertical poem and ending by the poetic theatre.
He presented 20 books, including 13 poetic groups, and he contributed to enriching the poetic theatre by 3 successful plays in many poetic festivals. These plays are: The lover Vizier, Blood on the curtains of Kaaba and The Khedive.
Some of his poems and plays were translated into many languages, such as English, French, Chinese and Yugoslavian.
His works
Papers from October’s garden (poem) – 1974
My love don’t leave (poem) – 1975
Egypt’s money: How it was lost (economy) – 1976
Love remains (poem) – 1977
Longings come back (poem) 1978
My address is in your eyes (poem) – 1979
The lover Vizier (poetic play) – 1981
Countries of magic and imagination (travel literature) – 1981
You’re always in my heart (poem) – 1981
Because I love you (poem) – 1982
There is something will remain between us (poem) – 1983
My heart obeyed me to forget you (poem) – 1986
I will not sell my life (poem) – 1989
The time of oppression has taught me (poem) – 1990
She said (thoughts in prose) – 1990
We had homelands (poem) – 1991
Vitality at the wrong time - 1992
The last night of the dream (poem) – 1993
Blood on the curtains of Kaaba (poetic play)
The Khedive (poetic play) - 1994

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