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KUNA hails Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh

Monday، 28 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

Kuwait's official news agency (KUNA) on Sunday 27/12/2015 published a lengthy report on Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh city.

KUNA said that Egypt's wonderful Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh is still among the world's five top tourist destinations, despite campaigns targeting tourism there.

"In fact, the external tendentious campaigns have been targeting the tourism sector in Egypt, suggesting a link to terrorism, with the City of Peace as a major target," the report read.

As part of efforts to increase the number of tourists to Sharm el Sheikh, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority and Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait invited a Kuwaiti media delegation to visit the city.

Western media reports have criticized the security systems in Sharm el Sheikh Airport, though the Kuwaiti delegation had the opposite impression during their tour of the resort, the report said.


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