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Sands of Safaga

Tuesday، 29 March 2016 - 12:53 PM

Safaga is the best place in the world for the treatment and therapy of psoriasis; it is surrounded by high mountains working as a natural fence against wind and sand storms.


The climate is moderate and the concentration of the sun rays and the ultraviolet rays help in the treatment and therapy of psoriasis.


The sea water is 35%saline, anyone swimming in the area will   find himself floating easily on water surface. The gravity is low which helps in treating some diseases such as the vesicular deficiency and a high flow of the blood to the limbs.


Black Sand

Scientific research results proved that40% of the sand in Safaga contains three radioactive minerals: Uranium, Thorium and Potassium which aid in the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, and skin inflammation.

The humidity is low and the ultraviolet rays help in curing different diseases.

Why Safaga?

The dry, moderate climate and the sun shines all the year round make Safaga the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases.

• Patients with history of heart, kidney and liver diseases are advised never to go places which are under the sea level for harmful effects on their health.

• Safaga climate is suitable for these patients and causing no harm to their health.


Mina Ville Tourist Village


The Village is located in a fantastic place. The climate is dry; moderate which make the Village suitable place for therapy and entertainment.

 A branch of the Termal Health Center in Carlo Vefari in Czechoslovakia (one of the most famous health centers in the world) a health center was opened inside the Village in 1999.

 The area of the center is 800 square meters and is surrounded by green land.

The center includes medical clinics, a Jacuzzi, sauna and rooms for electro therapy. There are massage rooms and a fully equipped gymnasium.

 The center is run by a group of specialists in all medical branches.


The health centre offers a variety of therapy options such as electro therapy, mineral water therapy, wax therapy, paraffin therapy and natural treatment by inhaling pure oxygen.

The Village presents different services to satisfy the visitors. Sports fans can enjoy the international diving center with the latest and modern diving devices, a center for sailing boats marine trips to the nearby islands could be arranged, and there is a glass boat trip which facilitates enjoying the carol reefs without having to dive.

 Sports activities in the Village:

* A swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, speed ball, safari, gymnasium, children garden with giant chess pieces.

 * A shopping mall, a communication center (international telephone and fax), a conference hall, exchange services, restaurants bars and discotheque.

* The services offered at Mina Ville tourist village are of high standards equal to many services offered in similar places in the world.

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