Al-Hassana Dome, with its topographical merits and geological make-up, reflects a distinguished history. It is the sole location near Cairo that features on its surface revelation from the Higher Cretaceceous age that dates back to about one Million years amidst surroundings of rocks from the Stone Age that was formed about 60 million years ago and the Rocky Age dating back to 40 million years ago.

Situation :
Al Hassana reserve is situated at Abu Rawwash on Cairo-Alexandria desert road, about 8km far from Giza pyramids.

The reserve area is one square kilometer. The highest point of Al Hasana Dome is 149 meter above
sea level in its western desert . The highest points from its eastern part raises 109 meters.

Excavational contents of AL Hasana Dome:
What distinguishes this location is the excavational content whose components gather in the form of well-preserved cantons. It looks as if it were an open museum that shows full records of ancient life; its environment and climate during the late cretaceous age, 100 million years ago .

The most important rare plants of the reserve

The rare plants of north Egypt are only available in Al Hasana Dome Reserve.