A nature reserve is an area of land or water expanse, whether coastal or internal, which is characterized by availability of living creatures such as plants, animals and fish or considered nature phenomena of cultural, scientific or touristic or aesthetic significance.

Nature reserves aim at safeguarding natural resources, maintaining wholesome environmental processes and conserving hereditary biological diversity of living creatures species activating within the environmental system.

For the conservation of nature habitats and biological diversity, Law no 102 of the year 1983 was issued, which stipulates the prohibition of any act, behavior or activity that results in the demolish, damage, deterioration or aesthetic degradation of the natural environment such as the wildlife, sealife or plantlife in the nature reserves.

In the context of this law, ministerial decrees were issued, specifying 201 nature reserves on 8.5% of the total area of the Republic, and which represent several distinct environmental features and natural Phenomena. Besides, 19 Zones that were defined as future nature reserves so as to secure protection of 15% of Egypt's area by the year 2017.