The River Nile extends about 6825 km from its sources to the pouring point. The Nile basin area is approximately 2.9 million square meters.

The River Nile isles in Egypt's various governorates are considered nature reserves. Studies show that the number of these isles is 144; along the main course from Aswan to the Delta barrage there are 95 isles, their area is about 32500 feddans.

At Rossetta branch there are 30 isles of 3400 feddans. At Damietta branch, there are 19 isles of an area of about 1250 feddans.

The total area of the River Nile isles is about 32500 feddans equaling 55 km2.

These isles spread over 16 governorates (Aswan- Qena- Sohag-Assuit- Menya- Beni Sewaif- Giza-Cairo- Qalyoubia- Monofia- Gharbia- Kafr-el-Sheikh- Dakahlia- Damietta)