Zaranik Protected Area is located at the eastern end of Lake Bardawil on the Mediterranean coast of Sinai. The Protected Area is bordered from the north by the Mediterranean, from the south by the main Qantara - El Arish road, from the east by tourist development areas, and from the west by Lake Bardawil.

Covers about 250 Km2 (68% water surface and 32% sand dunes)

0-30m above sea level

Wetland Site of International Importance

Year of establishment:

Protecting the migratory birds

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

17 species have been recorded on foreshore and islands mainly: Halocnemon, Strobilaceum, Arthrocnemon glaucum, Juncus subulatus, Zygophyllom album, Nitraria retusa, Stipagrostis scoparia: and Ruppia: maritime.

244 species of birds have been recorded at Bardaweel lagoon.
Hundreds of thousand migratory birds pass through during Autumn.
Greater flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber: (13100),
white pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus: (5620),
little bittern Lxobrychus minuts: (2564),
night herns Nycticorax nyticorox: (5487),
gargany Anas querquedula: (221616),
avocet Recurvirostra avosetta: (6828),
little slint Calidris minuta: (15503),
little tern Sterna albifrons: (12433),
white winged black tern Chlidonias leucopterus: (18436),
24 species of predatory birds have been recorded in spring time (more than 130000) mainly black kite Milvus migrans:,
griffon vultore Gyps fulvus: ,
short toed eagle Citraetus gallicus: ,
buzzard Buteo buteo: ,
long legged buzzard Buteo rufinus: ,
steppe eagle Aquila mipalensis: , bouted eagle Hieaaetus pennatus: ,
golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos: ,
kestrel Falco tinnumclus: ,
18 species of reptiles, two of them are endangered,
green turtle Celonia mydas: and loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta:.