The liberation of Taba anniversary

Egypt celebrated yesterday a dear anniversary for all the Egyptians. That is the twentieth anniversary for the liberation of Taba and the hoisting of the Egyptian flag high over it.

All elements of this epic were materialized as it is Egypt courageous armed forces which waged the battle of honor and dignity in the glorious war of October and restored lands and opened the road for the peace of the brave which crowned with the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty and the return of the whole of Sinai to Egypt in April 1982. When Israel tried to bargain on a part of our lands, President Mubarak determined to restore the whole lands of Egypt.

The diplomatic and law battle started with the best of Egypt's men, diplomats, historians and men of law took part.

An international arbitrary panel was formed to rule in favor of Egypt over Taba and Taba came back to Egypt.

We remember in this day our bold soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the homeland.

We remember as well in this day names of the diplomats and men of law who were behind this victory like Wahid Rafat, Hamed Sultan, Youssef Abul-Hagag, Yunan Labib Rizk, Mufid Shehab and others, involved in the pleading at the International Court.

One of the lessons we benefited from is that Egypt will never cede just an inch of its lands and that Egyptians are capable of working miracles and that Egyptians are working in harmony to defend their homeland.

Al Ahram