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Fine Arts Services

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The Sector of Fine Arts provides many unique services to the society in general and to the artistic and culture life in particular. This came from the sector’s sense of responsibility as the official institution entrusted to sponsor the Fine Art and embrace creators all over Egypt. Through its various affiliate sites in Egypt, the sector provides various cultural activities including: literal, political, religious seminars, poetry evenings, theatrical performances, concerts and art workshops for children, youth and people with disabilities.

The following is a review of the segments benefiting from the activities of the sector:

1- Plastic artists
2- Researchers, scholars and specialized artistic college students
3- Intellectuals
4- Art work exporters
5- Family and child
6- Journalists and media personnel

Plastic artists

• Exhibitions: The Sector of Fine Arts provides the opportunity for the artists and creators to display their works in the various sector's exhibitions in Cairo, Alexandria and some governorates. The sector also gives them the opportunity to participate in many national festivals in collaboration with other institutions. Through the concerned departments, the sector provides all forms of free advertisement for exhibitions such as posters, brochures and invitation cards. The sector carries all the shipment duties for the works of the Egyptian artists that will be displayed in any of the world countries.

• Website: The Sector of Fine Arts website includes Encyclopedia for Egyptian artists as well as thousands of biographies and works of Egyptian artists from different generations starting from pioneers to up-to-date artists. The website also gives the public the opportunity to follow the Fine Art news, activities and events.

Researchers, scholars and specialized technical college students

• The Sector of Fine Arts creates Information Technology Centers (ITC) in various locations, including the Electronic Center for Art and Culture, which was opened by the Minister of Culture on 5/1/2004 to be the first center to provide information services for artists and researchers across modern technological media. Through the Center, the sector provides the latest research services (Internet, Colors Print A4, Graphic Designs, etc.) at low prices to encourage researchers and to help them.

• The Sector of Fine Arts also established the Principal Bank of Art Information Technology. Described as a big leap the well-equipped Bank run by qualified and efficient staff largely contributes to documenting and chronicling art movement in Egypt. The Bank employs a variety of multi-media to safely record and chronicle its invaluable database. As a result, decision-makers, scholars and art students are given a convenient environment to satisfy their curiosity. The Bank's Internet updates international and national activities sponsored by the Sector. The Bank has already released a big number of CDs recording important events associated with art museums, exhibitions and biographies of artists.


• The Sector of Fine Arts is keen to include in its annual agenda many artistic and cultural events, which focused on a variety of issues and topics, whether general or specialized ones.

Art work exporters

• The Administration of Examination in the Sector of Fine Arts is the department responsible for granting permits for travel artwork either be sent to the overseas business or reserved at airports and ports or exported abroad. As a sort of facilitation for our patrons; (publics, exporters and importers) if there are artworks in large numbers that faces a difficulties to be transported to the Sector, the Examination Committee can move to the place of these works.

Family and child

• The Sector of Fine Arts provides many services for children including artistic workshops that are held during the summer vacations and the formal occasions. After these workshops, the head of the sector and its leaders opened exhibitions and presents certificates of appreciation and awards for outstanding children.
• All the museums of the Sector presents discounted tickets to the children and the students and provides all means of comfort through appointing guides to provide them with all the facilities and answer their questions related to the museum and its contents.
• The Sector provides some events that are based on communication and direct interaction between the artist and the public at some open-air-parks. These events allow the family to bring their children to these places and follow the creations of the artists. This way stimulates the sense of creativity among children.

Journalists and media personnel

• The Sector presents the National Art Exhibition that represents a unique event reflecting the real image of the Egyptian Fine Arts.
• The Sector also presents the Youth Salon that was launched in 1989 to give the youth the opportunity to present their creations.
• The Sector presents Egypt Salon to honor the pioneer artists.
• The Sector presents Salon Gallery to create marketing opportunities for the Fine Art works between the Sector and some private showrooms.
• The Sector also presents the Parietal Photography Contest and the Private Art Salon as well as the Art and Masses Forum, which aims to achieve a form of direct interaction between the artists and the public.

Names of Fine Art Sector Heads:

• Salah Taher
• Abdul Kader Rizk
• Abdul Hamid Hamdi
• Moustafa Abdel Muti
• Ahmed Nawar
• Mohsen Shaalan
• Ashraf Reda
• Salah el-Miligy

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