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Local Administration

North Sinai

North Sinai Governorate takes up a strategic location, whether at the regional or the national level, as it is the eastern bulwark of Egypt, and links the East to the West. And its capital is the city of Al-Arish.

Ismailia Governorate

Ismailia is the eastern gateway of Egypt adjacent to the Asian continent and the Asian Arab and Islamic countries. The governorate lies on Suez Canal banks and is bordered to the north by Port Said and Suez to the south.

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is one of the largest governorates in the Delta region in terms of area.

Damietta Governorate

Damietta governorate is considered one of Egypt's window on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the meeting point with the Nile River is. The Nile divides the governorate into two parts along its farms and plains.

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