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Bayram Al-Tunsi

His real name is Mahmoud Bayram Al-Tunsi. The pioneer of the Egyptian modern colloquial poetry and one of the founders of the Arabic lyrical theater in Egypt.

Yehia Haqqi (1905-1992)

Yehia Haqqi was one of the pioneers of the twentieth century literary movement in Egypt. He was a prominent novelist, short story writer and an encyclopedic intellectual that provided a rich tributary of the modern Arabic culture.

Yacoup Sannou 15-4-1839 - 1912

Yacoup Sannou is the pioneer of Arab theatre and (Molière) of Egypt during the 1980s and early 1990s. He enriched the literary and dramatic movement in Egypt and was nicknamed "Abo Nazzara".

Louis Awad

He is a prominent literary critic and dramatist. Born on 5/1/1915 in the village of Sharona, Maghagha Center (Markaz), Menya. Holder of a B.A. degree of English, Faculty of Arts in 1937. He obtained the PH.D. degree in both English and French literature from Bristol University in the USA i

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