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Guidelines for presidential candidacy

Wednesday، 20 September 2023 01:29 PM

The National Election Commission of Egypt recently announced the fundamental rules and regulations concerning the candidacy for the presidency of Egypt.

These regulations encompass eight critical points that an individual must fulfill to be considered for the coveted role.

 The key qualifications are as follows:


1. The candidate must be of Egyptian nationality, and born to Egyptian parents.

2. Neither the candidate nor their parents or spouse should have held the nationality of another country.

3. The candidate must hold a higher education degree.

4. The individual should fully enjoy their civil and political rights.

5. The candidate should not have been convicted of any felony or crime that compromises honor or integrity, even if their reputation has been restored.

6. The candidate should have completed their military service or have been legally exempted.

7. By the opening of the candidacy window, the individual should not be younger than 40 Gregorian years.

8. The candidate should not suffer from any physical or mental illness that might hinder their ability to perform the duties of the presidency.


Procedural rules for accepting the candidacy:


For a presidential candidacy to be accepted, the candidate should be endorsed by at least 20 members of the House of Representatives.


Alternatively, they should be supported by no fewer than 25,000 citizens who have the right to vote across a minimum of 15 governorates, with at least 1,000 supporters from each of those governorates.


In all circumstances, it is prohibited to support more than one candidate.


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