27 September 2020 09:50 PM
Official delegations participating in WEF arrive Thursday

Egypt finished all preparations to host the World Economic Forum due to open in Sharm El-Sheikh on Saturday20/5/2006 where 1300 world figures, officials, media men, intellectuals and economists will take part in the annual event.

Significant participating personalities

Many important political and economic personalities from Egypt, the Arab world and the entire globe would take part in the forum.

Davos world economic forum is a good chance for a constructive dialogue on political &economic issues

President Mubarak will inaugurate next Saturday20/5/2006 the Davos world economic forum, the biggest gathering of world leaders, businessmen, media, and civil society representatives.

Economic experts arrive in Egypt to partake in WEF meetings

Some 14 economic experts coming from Paris and Geneva arrived at Cairo Airport Friday to participate in a World Economic Forum (WEF), to open in Sharm El-Sheikh on May 20.

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