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Importance of the Suez Canal

Wednesday، 05 August 2015 12:00 AM

The Suez Canal Authority completed its planned phase to increase the Canal permissible draft to 66 feet in January 2010.

This enables the Canal to accommodate the following percentages of the fully loaded vessels:
• 62.6 % of the Tanker Fleet
• 96.8 % of the Bulk Carrier Fleet
• 100 % of the Container Ships & Other Ships

The Suez Canal Authority is running now a project to increase the depth of western channels of the Suez Canal from 48ft to 52 ft. This project will allow giant containerships heading south to pass through these channels and reduce its total transit time.

Another project is to improve and widening of anchorage areas in Great Bitter lake and constructing emergency garage at the tips of western channels to be used by giant ships.

These projects are executed by the Suez Canal fleet of dredgers.
• The Suez Canal is considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west due to its unique geographic location; it is an important international navigation canal linking between the Mediterranean sea at Port said and the red sea at Suez .The unique geographical position of the Suez Canal makes it of special importance to the world and to Egypt as well.
• This importance is getting augmented with the evolution of maritime transport and world trade. The maritime transport is the cheapest means of transport, whereas more than 80 % of the world trade volume is transported via waterways (seaborne trade). 
• Saving in distance, time and in operating costs for vessels that transit the Canal, also firm up this importance.

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