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Cultural and Scientific Relations

Tuesday، 13 October 2015 12:00 AM

On 2/10/2014: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi agreed to increase the number of scholarships offered to Somalia students at the Egyptian universities to become 2000 university scholarships annually. He also agreed to treat the Somali students studying in the various Egyptian universities as Egyptian and Syrian students.

The Role played by the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA) in Supporting Somali Brothers

The EFTCA is keen from a long period to present food and medical assistances for the Somali People, in order to relief those affected by floods, droughts or affected by the battles on the Somali territories.

The most important aids provided by (EFTCA) during the recent period:
- Food cans, and milk powder assistance to Mogadishu in July 2010
- Food aid for Somaliland in December 2009 consists of 100 tons of flour, and 500 cartons of food oil.
- A shipment of medical assistance to Puntland in December 2009
- A medical aid for the Somalia weights 3.5 tons in September 2009.
- The (EFTCA) delegated a number of Doctors as well in various specializations to work in Somalia

Training Courses Provided by the (EFTCA) for Cadres in Somalia

EFTCA organized a training course for 15 Somali Diplomat in coordination with the Somali Institute for Diplomatic Studies, during the period from 16th, to 27th, May, 2010

EFTCA invited the Somali side to participate in the training courses organized periodically in the field of police and in this framework several police officers from the Somali side participated in those courses.

The Arab Republic of Egypt still plays an important role today in the spreading of culture and education in the Republic of Somalia by sending teachers of the Ministry of Education to teach in Somali schools, or teachers affiliated to Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and experts of EFTCA as well who spread education in Higher Education Institutions.

Al-Azhar presents a number of annual scholarships for students delegated from the Republic of Somalia to study at the University of Al Azhar or Al-Azhar Institutes.

The Ministry of Higher Education provided a number of scholarships for Somali students to study at Egyptian Universities


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