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Cultural Relations

Wednesday، 15 November 2017 12:00 AM

The cultural relations between Egypt and Lebanon are complementary and not competitive. The cultural relations between the two countries witnessed positive development. The former Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi, Zaqzouq in 19/5/2010 said during a meeting with Sheikh Abdul Latif Bryan, Chairman of the Sunni Shari'a Courts that the Ministry is ready to cooperate with all institutions and religious and judicial bodies in the Arab and Islamic world and to employ all of its capabilities to introduce the true Islam and consolidate the approach of moderation and unite the word of the nation.

Egyptian-Lebanese cultural relations are crowned by modern symbols such as George Zidane, Mai Ziadah and Khalil Motran and  Fairouz songs with her angelic voice. Egypt embraced  Lebanese artists  like Sabah, Bishara Wakim, Ragheb Alama, Elissa, Karol Samaha, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Nancy Ajram, the pioneers of the theater in Egypt, Rose El Youssef and others.

Egyptian Lebanese Cultural Forum

The Egyptian-Lebanese Cultural Forum, organized by Al-Ahram Foundation in cooperation with the Lebanese-Egyptian Friendship association was held on 10/10/2016 in the presence of a large crowd of writers, intellectuals and thinkers from both sides to document the Egyptian-Lebanese cultural heritage on one hand, and to promote the cultural relations between the two sides, which are already deeply rooted on the other hand.

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