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Why SC Zone?

Monday، 17 August 2015 12:00 AM

SC Zone lies at the heart of international trade.

Strategic geographic location

The SC Zone benefits from its strategic location along one of the world’s main trading routes.

Strong Track Record

Egypt is a major industrial producer. The SC Zone can draw upon and expand the existing strong ties with multinational and domestic corporations to develop a much enhanced manufacturing sector.

Access to 1.6 billion consumers

Complemented by world class ports, high quality logistics services and preferential trade agreements, the SC Zone allows investors to efficiently, and competitively, access regional and global markets in Europe, the Gulf, East and Southern Africa and Asia.

A True One-Stop-Shop

Unified and streamlined procedures and processes designed to minimize delays and costs to the investor.

Access to Domestic Market

Egypt has a large and growing domestic market of some 90 million people of whom 65% are of working age. With rising standards of living, the purchasing power of the domestic market will drive growth in many sectors.

Investment Incentives and other Benefits

Investment and tax incentives will be offered to prospective partners and   investors including a multitude of preferential rates and business set-up and support services.


Egypt has a huge, competitively priced workforce available to meet investor requirements.

High Quality infrastructure and linkages

State-of-the-art infrastructure services, including power, water, wastewater, telecommunication, and transport linkages will be provided to investors.

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