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15th Sharkeya Arabian Horses Festival

Monday، 20 July 2009 12:00 AM

15th Sharkeya Arabian Horses Festival

The 15th Sharkeya Arabian Horses Festival will be held on the 15-fedans space on Cairo-Belbes desert road from August 30 through September 2.

The six Arab countries Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Egypt will participate in the festival this year. The jockeys participating will be competing on winning President Mubarak’s Cup for show-jumping. Other participations from America, England, Germany, Austria and Belgium will also be there.

Ministry of Tourism regards this event as a large touristic event which is exclusively held by Sharkeya governorate. Such event contributes in activating the desert sports tourism industry. Also, the National Council for Sports, besides supporting the festival, considers it as distinguished sports event in the field of horse racing and horse championships.

World Arabian Horse Organization (W.A.H.O), which includes 64 countries and 3000 jockeys, agreed on hoisting its flag on the festival ground.
Arab Equestrian Union contributes in the festival’s proceedings and its members are present regularly in all its rounds.

15th Sharkeya Arabian Horses Festival

The participants of this year’s championships and proceedings are:
- The Egyptian Equestrian Federation.
- The Egyptian Polo Federation.
- The Armed Forces Equestrian Club.
- Republican Guards Equestrian Club.
- Police Sports Federation.
- Police Training Department.
- Police Academy.
- Police Jockeys Administration.
- Cairo Police Jockeys Administration.
- Police Administration.
- Equestrian clubs in Cairo and Alexandria.
- Arabian horses farms throughout the Republic.
- Police Music Ensemble.

The festival will last for four days and will be attended by thousands of Arabian horses and equestrianism lovers as well as owners of horses’ farms. Also, ministers, governors, senior officials of the army, republican guards and police, ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries will be among the attendees.



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