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Arab-African Youth Forum (21-26 December 2019)

Saturday، 21 December 2019 11:42 AM

Aswan and Luxor cities host the 10th Arab-African Youth Forum, which will be held during the period December 21-26, 2019, under the title “Arab-African Youth Cooperation”, presided by Head of the Forum and Secretary-General of the Arab Federation for Youth and Environment, Dr. Mamdouh Rashwan. More than 300 young men and women from 31 Arab and African countries, and specialized institutions will participate in the forum under the auspices of the Council of Arab Youth Ministers, the Egyptian youth and sports, tourism, culture and irrigation ministries.
The forum will be held under the umbrella of the Arab League, to be a regional platform for reviewing and exchanging experiences among young people to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The forum addresses 4 main issues: Heritage and cultural dialogue, empowering youth and women, unemployment, illegal immigration and e-terrorism through social media, as well as file on water problems and rationalization of consumption.
The 10th Arab-African Youth Forum will start in Luxor on December 21th, 2019, and concludes activities in Aswan on December 26th, 2019. The forum includes general sessions, workshops, training courses and awareness-raising campaigns for youths. Also, a marathon and sports tournament will be launched during the period of the forum period. A touristic program will be organized for the youth delegations to visit the archaeological and touristic sites.
A number of specialists and experts will hold discussion groups and round tables for youths. Moreover, the youths will participate with citizens practically in installing water meters for some villages in Aswan Governorate. This comes within the framework of the initiative sponsored by the Federation and implemented by the water company through coordinating efforts to transfer the workshops into an action plan on the ground. It also shows the key role of Egyptian State in providing all aspects of support for the success of the forum in addition to the Arab League's efforts and sponsorship of the forum.

The forum represents a good opportunity for youth to participate, interact and present their views through the training courses, the matter which stresses the Federation's keenness to give opportunities for youths to express their opinions about the challenges they are facing. However, the distinguished youths in the forum can win opportunities to participate in the Arab and international activities as representatives of the Federation.


Sunday December 22, 2019

Participants in the 10th Arab African Youth Forum dawn witnessed the phenomenon of the Sun illuminating the sanctuary of Egypt's ancient Karnak Temple, an ancient complex in the southern city of Luxor, in a rare astronomical phenomenon that happens twice a year. The Arab African youths, led by Mamdouh Rashwan, engaged in dialogues and photographed with tourists and Egyptians who attended the spectacle which is one of the important tourist events in the Upper Egyptian governorate.

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