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IOI 2008

Monday، 20 July 2009 12:00 AM

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is one of the most prominent computer science competitions in the world. It was initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and endorsement by the International Federation on Information Processing (IFIP). The IOI is a truly international event, having been held on five continents and drawing delegations from six. It has been held every year since its foundation in 1989: Bulgaria, Belarus, Greece (twice), Germany, Argentina, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hungary, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey, China, Finland, Korea, USA, Poland, Mexico, Croatia and this year in Egypt. It is thanks to the hard work of these host countries in organizing and funding the Olympiad that the IOI continues to flourish.

The competition sets tasks that are of an algorithmic nature, however the contestants have to show basic skills including problem analysis, design (and knowledge) of algorithms and data structures, in addition to the programming and testing their solutions. The winners of the IOI belong, no doubt, to the best young computer scientists of the world.

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