The Holy Family at Maady

Virgin Mari Church - Maadi

After their short, but all-too-felt, stay in Old Cairo, the Holy Family moved in a southerly direction, reaching the modern Cairo suburb of Maadi which, in earliest Pharaonic times was an outlying district of Memphis, the capital of Egypt then; and, at Maudi, they boarded a sailing-boat which carried them up the Nile towards southern Egypt.

The historic church built upon the spot from which they embarked, also dedicated to the Virgin, is further identified by the denominative, 'Al-Adaweya', the Virgin's Church 'of the Fen y'. (In fact, the name of that now modem suburb, Maadi, derives from the Arabic word which means 'the Crossing Point')

An Icon of Saint Damiana - Virgin Mary church - Maadi

The stone steps leading down to the River's bank, and believed to have been used by the Holy Family, are accessible to pilgrims through the Church courtyard.

An event of miraculous import occurred on Friday the 3r of the Coptic month of Baramhat - the 12th of March-1976 A.D A Holy Bible of unknown provenance was carried by the lapping ripples of the Nile to the bank below the Church. It was open to the page of Isaiah 19:25 the page declaring, "Blessed be Egvpt My People". The Bible is now behind glass in the Sanctuary of the Virgin in the Church for all to see.

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